End! World champion Blatak packs a career. Stopwatch exposed her aching back

Hockey defender Miroslav Blatak (34) decided to end his career, according to a credible source of iSport.cz. Reason? Persistent back pain. “He said he could not play a Unibet hundred percent. He’s worried about health, “said Robert Svoboda, a PSG coach. After returning from KHL, the World Champion of 2010 managed only one season, although the contract also had another. Zlín will build a defensive without him.

The official is not, but certainly Unibet supposedly yes. Bek Blatak no longer wants to try fate and painful backs. “It is not possible to play half the gas,” said Robert Svoboda, Zlin coach, with the final decision on the player. But he is clear. The World Champion has mastered 46 matches in the core of the extralig, in which he earned 15 points (3 + 12). He expected more, but his back was limited.He did not get to the former form.

PSG defeats at least one support from iSport.cz. The most productive Unibet assassin, Oldrich Kotvan, will strengthen Mlada Boleslav after the end of the contract.

“A lot of things are now on the water, often speculation. I know some players want to leave, they are. We do not do anything about it. But nothing is definitive. Now it looks like it and it may be different in the final, “the coach does not care for the expected departures of the key players.

The 43-year-old Freedom yesterday signed a new contract with the club, Martin Hamrlík remaining as assistant. A pendulary summer is Unibet online betting deals waiting, they will have to replace the pillars of the team.It is supposed to leave the attackers Petr Holík in KHL and Robert Říčka to Sparta, gifted junior Filip Chytil may disappear for the seas.

Pavel Kubiš and David Šťastný . “Absolutely the most important thing is for Libor Kasik to stay. The goalkeeper makes three quarters of the Unibet performance and Kashas helped us a lot in the season, “Svoboda said. Gomman’s persistence is very likely to solve the position of the two.

“It is an opportunity for us to do the job as one imagines. We are waiting for us to put the team and the formation in the form of an extra-league competition.The meeting was fast and we are glad that we have plenty of space and time to continue working, “said Svoboda, who leads the PSG selection since November after Rostislav Vlach.

” We have achieved a clear goal of avoiding the impending barrage . It was not easy, we were even a tenth, but before the play off we just missed. Of course it is sorry, but from our point of view we have to be modest, Karlovy Vary and Pardubice now have different worries than we do. On the other hand, it was not possible to keep up with the goals before the season, they were much higher, “said a former defender. His assistant Hamrlik did not hesitate to sign the contract. “It is a great honor for me, but above all, I feel a huge responsibility. We have been in the team since the beginning of the preparations and we can not excuse anything.The preparation and composition of the team will be based on our own, we have a great responsibility on our shoulders, “Hamrlík said.