Limberský received a vulgar gesture fines and have to train youth

Plzen defender David Limberský he got behind the obscene gesture to fans in a match on the 26th round of Synot League at Sparta by the Disciplinary Committee fined 50,000 crowns. At the same time he ordered the commission of a football beneficial activities leading three youth training elsewhere than in the Pilsen Victoria. This exquisite determine the exact location quarterback Youth Commission.

Match the disciplinary punishment Limberskému not granted, in the forthcoming Unibet round but may enter for four yellow cards. Players at today’s meeting was represented by lawyer Bronislav Šerák.

Limberský at the end of the smash hit at Sparta showed the audience erect middle fingers in response to insults from the home fans. Letna audience had several mutual bonus Unibet matches in a row curses and several times against him and hung a banner hostile. Locals still can not forget Limberskému filmed penalty against Sparta from 2012 and especially the subsequent statements against their club.

Limberský excused from the meeting due to the fulfillment of obligations and sporting incident declared in a written statement in which he apologized. The Commission took into account the fact that the player was vulgar gesture provoked and Sparta in the context fined 50,000 crowns. At that it includes the use of illegal Unibet fireworks in a duel with Pilsen.

Viktoria has to pay ten thousand less for pyrotechnics and insulting chants against the Spartan striker David Lafata and President of the FARC Miroslav Pelt.

Limberský could get a sentence of up to four matches and fined up to 50,000 crowns. “Punishment in the form to football beneficial activity appears to us as more nurturing than cessation. We believe that it would be appropriate for a player to their participation in youth training Unibet showed his better side. To make it in this manner atoned for,” he told reporters chairman of the disciplinary Richard Baček.

“Given what he was facing, I believe that the beneficial action is in place to save, in combination with the fine would agree. But it seems to me that 50 thousand is unfair. I was silent, because it is possible to appeal . It was only after consultation with the client, “said Šerák.

For erect middle finger in a match in Jablonec got five Sportingbet years ago, the former Spartan stopper Tomas Rape punishment for two matches. “We know that Unibet maybe will fall compared with oilseed five years ago, but that time was different disciplinary procedure. So this comparison a little lag,” said Baček.

Punishment in the form of community work is in football news. “I do not know what is the practice in other countries, but for us it is the disciplinary order, from last year. We as a disciplinary commission for professional competitions are to such punishment reached for the first time. We want of course to report how Limberského attendance at training Unibet sessions took place,” Baček said.