West Bromwich Albion - AFC Bournemouth

Arsene WengerWest Brom attractiveness is withered, it is no secret that today, but his indifference swept and added to it and the two really stupid exclusion. That which helped Bournemouth to win more significantly, is responsible for McClean, that it deserves a longer sentence. Guests, however, now celebrated for the third time in a row, five in a row did not lose and sprints from relegation waters.
Already after two minutes he wanted to cool domestic Stanislas, a solid attempt from behind the box but Myhill went. He outlined the way home duel will take place after twenty minutes longer guests keep balls in 70% of the time, nothing worthwhile before wicket but failed to conceive. On the other betting bonus hand, however, it was pure tragicomic story alone Rondón to balloon, although several received, the most dangerous position, however, was a short distance from the corner.
This is the most important thing is that the player Baggies committed was so ominous foul by James McClean. He probably lost his head when he brought down Smith and Dean really could not do anything but send the sinner off the pitch. At that time he abysmal superiority just before going to the locker room to score acknowledge Ritchie, after the center Stanislas but without inconveniencing the betting bonus defenders headed out of three bars.
After changing sides had to pull Boruc against bad shot Rondon, soon after, however, they deservedly celebrated guests. Surman waist to the right line by spurred Smith, who drew a ball at midfield and hidden by a shot to the near post behind lime humbled in vain to natahujícího Myhill. Long then it seemed only a matter of time before Cherries lead covers and presumably walked on their laurels and players themselves.
Baggies eleven minutes before the end capitalize on his newfound desire to play and after a corner kick by Gardner with a header at the far post enforced McAuley. Dawson extra 85 minutes could completely reverse the score, but justice did not stay dead. Header from a few betting bonus meters finished off three poles, and yet it can certainly discuss whether after a foul on Fletcher Gosling had a whistle penalty leadership reverted to the side a better whole. Charlie Daniels is sent pumelici under the crossbar and Myhill simply had no chance. more info: www.sportbet-bonus.com/bet365
Frustrated Rondón then in the fifth minute setting could not keep his cool and after losing the balloon is another unnecessary excesses betting bonus had ruled for the next match. And it was again Adam Smith, who was in direct action, this time in the not entirely innocent, but the home attack attacker was understandably emotional.